Work in Australia

Australia is one of the countries with very low unemployment rate – only 6%. Thanks to strong economy it can easily ensure good working conditions not only to its citizens but also immigrants and visitors.
A student can easily find employment – usually physical work – within the first few weeks after arrival. Jobs that pay better and offer more opportunities of development require good English and documented qualifications in particular field. Ultimately your employment options will depend on your preferences, skills, experience as well as spoken and written English.
Our Agency has been operating on the Australian market for years and that translates to one major advantage that differentiates us from others: affiliations. We will let you take full advantage of our database of allied businesses seeking employees. We cannot guarantee you’ll succeed – it all depends on you – but if you really put your head and your heart in it you will not end up with a stale bread roll somewhere on Bondi Beach 🙂

To become an employee you will need a bank account, a Tax File Nubmer and resume written in English. Keep in mind that Australian employers tend to value experience more than diplomas and certificates.

According to official government data minimal salary in Australia in $640.90 or $16.87 per hour.

According to regulations you can start working as soon as you start your course in a college or University.

Popular business branches hiring overseas students:

  • hospitality (café’s, bars and restaurants)
  • trade (supermarkets, shopping centers and clothing shops)
  • tourism (hotels and motels)
  • sales
  • administration
  • cleaning
  • construction work
  • farm work (fruit picking)

Examples of remuneration per hour:

  • waiter – $15-$30 (plus tips)
  • cleaning – $15-$25
  • kitchen hand – $12-$18
  • child minding/ au pair /elderly care – $15-$25
  • chef – $15-$25
  • personal trainer – $30-$50
  • lifeguard – $15-$40
  • painter / labourer – $15-$35

Popular job listing websites: