Free English Test

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  • Listening: 1 recording, 10 Questions
  • Grammar: 20 Questions
  • Reading: 2 Texts: 5 Comprehension questions each
My brother ......... to the bus stop when he is late for work.
I got ......... the train at the wrong station so I had to catch another train.
I really don’t feel like going to the party. .......... ,if you go, I might go too.
.......... his unpopularity amongst some groups, he still managed to become President.
Being in Sydney can be a lot of fun. .......... the other hand, it can be an expensive place to live.
One side .......... of that medication is that it makes you feel drowsy.
It is .......... to take a bottle of wine when you are invited to someone’s house for dinner.
As a manager, she really .......... the respect of her subordinates and superiors alike.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.It’s such beautiful day today, isn’t it?
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.Would you like  apple?
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.She ran to the middle  the park.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.Do you drink coffee or tea the morning.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.Have you ever  in love?
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.I always take a shower I get home from work.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.If I get the job, I take you out to dinner.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.I’d buy a Ferrari I won the lottery.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.If I had known it was going to be so cold, I have worn a jacket.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.John is the teacher  I like the best.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.As long as I am given autonomy at work, the amount I get paid is here nor there.
Complete the sentence below by using only ONE word.The twins look so alike, that I really can’t tell them

Listen to the recording and choose the correct answers.

You will hear the recording twice (X2) only. 

Peter and Serena haven’t seen each other in
Serena was in Sydney for
What did Serena think about her job in Sydney?
At the moment, Serena lives in
Serena has been back in her home town for
Where is Serena living at the moment?
Peter has lived
Peter has been married for
Peter has a daughter called
When she hears Peter is married, Serena is

Directions: Read the article and then answer the questions the follow.

What makes us happy?

Last month, I stopped 100 people in the street and asked them what made them happy. Most people told me what I expected – falling in love, spending time with family and friends, money – but a few people had some really interesting answers. My favourites, and their reasons, are below.

Bob told me that what really makes him happy is people watching, especially in airports. ‘You see a lot of happiness in airports, especially in the Arrivals area. I love seeing people’s faces as they see their loved ones return from holiday, or the faces of the travellers when they see who is there waiting for them.’ Bob then said, ‘Don’t look for the same happy faces in Departures, though – people there are often stressed or angry because their flights are delayed, or sad because they’re saying goodbye to someone!’

Heidi told me that what makes her really happy is the sound of the rain. ‘I love it!’ she said. ‘I love hearing the rain falling against my bedroom window when I’m in bed. Firstly, it makes me happy that I’m not outside getting wet, and secondly, I think the sound of rain falling is very calming and it helps me get to sleep at night.’

On a similar note, Lucy told me that she actually loves walking in the rain – the heavier the better! ‘Wild weather, and particularly rain and wind, makes me so happy, and I love being outside in it,’ she said. ‘There’s nothing better than walking along the beach on a stormy day, especially if I’m tired or in a bad mood – it always makes me feel better.’

Finally, Daniel said that helping others makes him happy. ‘ I’m pretty good with technology and whenever an older family member asks for my help with something related to technology, I’m happy to help and my mood immediately improves after helping them, even if I’ve had a bad day at work.’

They’re all very good answers but I think my favourite answer is Heidi’s, because that’s what makes me happy, too!

For each question, choose which person talks about the following: 

Caring for others
Being at home
People coming back from a trip.
Noises that are relaxing.
Feeling positive in unpleasant weather.

Directions: Read the story below and answer the questions that follow.

Moving in together

We had been dating for quite a while and my girlfriend and I decided to move in together. I was nearly 30 at the time and had been through other relationships beforehand, but I’d only had one other long-term relationship which involved cohabiting with another person. I had been living by myself in my bachelor pad for a good 5 years, so I had become, shall we say, ‘quite set in my ways’.

The truth is, Olivia had been staying over more and more, so we’d been practically living together for ages before we decided to make it official. Still, when we finally formalised our living situation, things began to change almost immediately.  

From one day to the next, my personal hygiene, or lack thereof, was called into question. Olivia complained about everything from the state of the bathroom after I’d use it, to the dishes not being washed immediately after finishing a meal. I must admit, her standards when it came to cleanliness brought the look of my place up a couple of notches, but I felt it came at the expense of my comfort. 

Watching reality shows in the evening took precedence over my penchant for watching basketball. I was forced to endure all manner of so-called ‘real-life’ drama on different streaming services. On the odd occasion, my frustration would boil over and I’d get angry and get my way. However, as soon as the show or sportscast would begin, Olivia would be on her smartphone, sulking on the other couch. Ten minutes later, I’d feel guilty for losing my temper and we’d end up watching a show that was more to her taste. 

Despite my objections to what we watched on TV, I found myself enjoying some of her shows and would even watch them when she wasn’t around; almost like a guilty pleasure. When she’d be out of the house, I also found myself getting into the habit of washing up straight after meals, rather than letting the dirty dishes fester there for extended periods of time. 

Ten years have gone by since Olivia first moved into my one bedroom palace and we are still going strong. Of course we have moved out of my pad and into a spacious three bedder with all the trimmings. Two of the three bedrooms are occupied by our two little bundles of joy, Christopher and Maria. Things couldn’t get any better. Well, perhaps they would improve a tad if I was allowed to watch my basketball on occasion.

In the first paragraph it is clear that the writer
Before moving in, Olivia had already been
Olivia’s cleaning habits made the apartment
Which phrase is closest in meaning to “penchant” in paragraph four?
Which best describes the author's overall opinion about Olivia