We will pick you up from the airport and ensure initial accommodation. It will give you some time to look around and find a place that really suits you. There is a variety of options to choose from.

In the City a cost of a share room is $140-$190 a week per person. If your budget allows you can upgrade to a room with a balcony or a back yard, maybe even a building with a gym, pool or tennis courts.


Sharing a room is probably the most popular accommodation option among students. Sharing accommodation unites international groups. Naturally you can get a single room but the cost will be significantly higher. The units usually have 3 bedrooms although you will come across even 4 and 5 bedroom ones. They usually come furnished and equipped with essential appliances like vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer, TV, Internet connection (WiFi), microwave etc. Remember to always check all the costs – media, Internet, transportation will have to be covered by your weekly budget.

Average price of a share room in Sydney: $140-$190 a week per person.


If you want to experience a life of an average Australian family this option is for you. The price usually includes all the hospitality offered by the family like cleaning and cooking. Homestay is also a great way to practice your English and learn interesting facts and trivia first hand.

Average price of a homestay in Sydney: $260 a week per person.


It’s a perfect option for a short stay. It is also a safe haven for all people who just arrived and are looking for a place to stay. In a long run a hostel can be a bit costly so it is better to consider hiring a room.

Average price of a hostel in Sydney: $195-$260 a week per person


  • staying within a University Campus
  • Hotel
  • renting a unit and finding flat mates to share it with

All depends on your budget and preferences. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding accommodation options.

Where to look for accommodation?
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